Concoct Imitate | Art: This has an economic importance
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Art: This has an economic importance

Art: This has an economic importance

Photography makes it possible to obtain a wealth of insights that previously could only be achieved with the greatest expenditure. This has an economic importance.

The photograph fixes each phase of a movement that is too fast for direct observation, it cancels the speed and stiffens the object. It considers knowledge as an activity of a biological nature and therefore a progressive adaptation to the facts of the experience that approaches the original both for the quality of the elements of sensation, and for the relationships and dimensions of space and time. This indicates that in addition to the original elements, that is, the sensations, there are also other elements that are produced in each reproduction and prevent a too strong spatio-temporal distortion of the memory images.

Photography represents a system to refine and enhance the look in terms of space and time. The objective is in fact not bound to the limits of our eye, no manual means can fix glimpses of the world seen in a certain way and can not even fix the movement in its essence. Also the possibilities of lens distortion provide an optical vision that our eyes are not able to do. To prove that the development of technical means contributes to the emergence of new forms in the optical composition it is necessary to clarify the relationship between photography and painting. Before the invention of photography, painting contained the tasks of representation and chromatic expression.

However, from the moment of the splitting one sector includes the configuration of the color, which concerns the relationships of colors and light values ​​between them and it is the configuration of the laws of general validity rooted in the biological sphere which are independent of the climate, from race, temperament, education; and the other sector includes the configuration of representation, which concerns the relationship between what is derived by external imitation, the objective and the associative contents, and it is the configuration of the associative laws and experience, which depend on the race , from the climate, from temperament, from education. 

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